Echohoof Pink Hoof Clay

Echohoof Pink Hoof Clay

Echohoof Pink Hoof clay 250g .  A must for any tack room. Pink hoof clay for general hoof skin conditions.

Ideal wounds, on legs, hooves, soles, frogs and white line areas. This totally natural and eco-friendly product contains good bacterial and is bursting with essential oils. Can be used long-term with a thin layer over the hoof and surrounding area.


  • Pink hoof clay is a must for every tack box
  • Can be used on the hoof and skin of all equines
  • Ideal for hoofs, soles, white line areas and many skin issues
  • Pink hoof clay is a totally natural and eco-friendly productcontaining essential oils and bentonite clay.
  • Pink hoof clay acts as a barrier which stays in contact for approximately 12 hours before drying naturally and flaking off
  • Pink hoof clay contains fly repellent qualities

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