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Our Showing Debut

Updated: May 9, 2019

Our first blog, so bear with me. Well we took the plunge just over a week ago and went to our first proper show. When I say we, I mean, my beautiful pony and me....I am truly bias!

Anyone who knows us, knows that we have issues loading to come back home. Loads beautifully at home.....wont go back in to come home. This has really knocked my confidence taking him out. However, he is too lovely for him not to explore the world.

Anyway the show. We did an in-hand class for Spotty's, Roans and Palomino's at The Chestnut Stables (they have a great series of shows this year. Definitely check out their Facebook page). We are no show pro's but we both scrubbed up pretty well and both looked lovely and clean and my boy looked SUPER white. Nothing a good bath cant sort out.....not just the pony. We tried the 'Just 4 Coloureds' shampoo from the Groom Away range by Horseware. Really did the trick getting him clean and white. 100% natrual product. We also used Lincoln 'Silky Shine Hair Polish and De-tangler' His tail stayed detangled and soft all day.

So proud of my special pony. We came second and qualified for ESUK, which we are all really excited about. We are now looking for more shows to get lots of show practice. We'll keep you all posted how we get on.

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