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Benefits of Milk Thistle

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Why use a Milk Thistle Supplement?

Primarily used to support liver function in horses.

Milk thistle seeds and leaves contain many bioactive compounds, with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties.

It can be used to provide nutritional support to horses prone to inflammatory issues like laminitis and allergies. The antioxidant properties of milk thistle can help horses stay healthy and recover faster from exercise and illness.

The liver is a crucial organ involved in detoxification and metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. It breaks down toxins in the body for elimination and is therefore susceptible to injury or damage.

Older horses are likely to benefit from nutritional support of liver function because they have a longer period of lifetime exposure to toxins that could affect liver health.

Horses that tend to be overweight or those with EMS whichb negatively affect its function. These horses might benefit from milk thistle supplementation to promote normal detoxification function and metabolic health.


Milk thistle helps liver cells make proteins that repair damage caused by exposure to toxins. This speeds up the replacement of damaged liver cells with new healthy cells. For horses that have liver issues or those at risk of developing liver problems Milk Thistle might promote normal repair processes to enhance overall liver function.


Milk thistle extract may improve insulin sensitivity which might help horses with equine metabolic syndrome. It may regulate healthy blood sugar levels in these horses when exposed to high-sugar diets. Milk Thistle could support metabolic health in Good Doers or horses with abnormal fatty deposits like cresty neck.


Milk thistle extract has been shown to exhibit anti-inflammatory benefits in animals and humans, particularly when there is an immune challenge like an infection.


Horses that have recurrent allergies like heaves or seasonal allergies such as sweet itch, might benefit from the anti-inflammatory effects of this herb. Compounds found in milk thistle might inhibit immune over-reactions that are common in horses with allergies.


Milk thistle might have benefits for healthy hooves in horses. Activation of immune cells in the blood is part of the process that causes laminitis in horses. Milk Thistle decreased activation of immune cells. Milk thistle may also work by supporting natural digestive function in horses. It has been shown to stimulate gastric enzyme secretion and could be beneficial for horses with previous digestion problems

The liver is one of the largest organs in the horse, accounting for up to 1% of their total body weight.

Elderly horses and those with metabolic issues like insulin resistance, equine metabolic syndrome, and Cushing’s disease are most likely to need nutritional support to help keep their liver healthy.

The liver is the only organ in mammals that can regenerate itself when damaged, making it a very resilient tissue. It can perform adequately with as much as 80% of its function impaired. Despite this, horses that are otherwise healthy and young can show signs of liver damage.

The liver is the only organ in mammals that can regenerate itself when damaged, making it a very resilient tissue. It can perform adequately with as much as 80% of its function impaired.

  • A healthy liver more effectively flushes toxins and chemicals from the body. Milk thistle supports this mechanism by sustaining the body’s natural cleansing and detoxifying process

  • The liver is hugely important for the health of the digestive system, blood and metabolism. Keeping it in optimum health is beneficial for manufacuring blood protein, blood clotting, producing digestive bile, and the processing and abortion of fats

  • The health of skin, hooves and laminae are intrinsically linked with liver health. A healthy liver results in strong skin, supports the bodies own protection against sunburn and has shown linked with supporting laminitis.

While milk thistle seeds are known to mainly support the liver, they also promote kidney and pancreatic health, conveniently aiding nutrient absorption, a healthy digestive system and urinary tract.

All in All. The Milk Thistle is a very beneficial supplemt to feed to your horses to promote optimum health in your horse. The Omega Equine Milk Thistle Supplment is a cost effective supplement. Horses require 20g per day and ponies 15g


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