Woof Wear Club Fetlock Boot

Woof Wear Club Fetlock Boot

Woof Wear Club Fetlock Boots. This general-purpose fetlock boot is ideal to protect the horse’s hind fetlock from knocks and strike injuries during every day schooling and show jumping. 

  • 5.5 mm closed cell neoprene 
  • Light and flexible even when wet – does not retain water 
  • Hard wearing strike pad with added padding 
  • Recessed stitching for longer life 
  • High density double lock strap

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  • Fitting

    • Undo the double locking straps and open the boot flat
    • Standing on the outside of your horse’s leg slide the boot down the inside of the horse’s leg (going with the direction of the hair) until the strike pad of the boot cups around the fetlock
    • Close the main supporting strap (the fluffy one) first towards the back of the leg
    • Then close the final strap back over it to secure it in place.
    • Take a look round the leg to ensure the fetlock is covered, yet the boot is not restricting the movement of the joint



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