Westgate Laboratories Worm Count

Westgate Laboratories Worm Count


New compostable packaging with unique zero waste design. Contains a sample pot and full instructions on how to collect a sample from the field/stable.


STOP..Before you worm.....Do a worm count. To ensure you get the best results from your wormers and worms do not become resistant.


£12.50..... 1 horse

£24.49..... 2 horses

34.49..... 3 horses


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  • Product Information

    For owners looking for a more natural approach in caring for their horse, Lincoln Herbs is an innovative new range of herbal supplements, carefully created using the finest herbs from all around the world. The range utilises the potencies of individual herbs to support & maintain the wellbeing of horses. Fully traceable and 100% natural, this range offers owners effective, natural supplements which they can trust.

    The current Herbs range includes new products; Breathability for respiratory support, Calmness for nervous & challenging behaviour, Flexion for joints & muscles, Hormonal for seasonal mares, Immunoherb for the immune system, Quititch for skin problems, Liver Klense to support liver & detoxification, alongside  previous supplements, Mint for digestive & appetite support, Movability for joint function & Laminide to support circulation within the hoof.

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