RugSafe Rug Wash 1Litre

RugSafe Rug Wash 1Litre

With superior cleaning and built-in antibacterial properties, this wash is the perfect product for washing all varieties of rugs and other horse wear; will not damage the delicate material of turnout rugs or affect the waterproofness.


150 - 250ml per load


    RugSafe have won Best Specialist Equestrian Laundry 2017.


    RugSafe is a specialist equestrian laundry supplier.


    We have over 20 years experience and expertise in equestrian laundry solutions, continually developing our products to offer you a complete tailored solution from our specialist range.


    Our rug-washing products offer superior cleaning for all types of rugs at only 30 degrees, thereby saving you time, money and water. They are specially formulated and will not damage the delicate material of turn-out rugs but also include anti-bacterial properties which destroy any odours.

    We also provide a wash-in reproofer and a spray-on reproofer, both of these leave no residue on the rugs or in your machine and the wash-in version can be popped into the final rinse instead of having to run a whole new cycle.



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