Horze Been Seen Reflective Harness

Horze Been Seen Reflective Harness


Add another layer of reflective safety to your horse with this easy-to-attach collar. The reflective tape on this simple harness will make you and your horse visible to oncoming traffic. The simple Duarble, highly reflective and comfortable for riding at nightIf you ride anywhere near a road at night, you can limit risk with a reflective harness. A durable nylon-webbing harness has reflective material on the crown, cheeks and nose for high visibility. Adjustable at the curb and snap at the throat allows you to make this comfortable for your horse.High visibility allows motorist to take precautionary measures when approaching you. They may even slow down with confusion unsure of what they are actually seeing! Remember all they see is reflective light!FeaturesHighly reflective halter with complimentary color halterAvoids terrible accidentsGives motorist a chance to take precautionary measures when passing youDetails100% durable nylon webbingWipe down to clean or use soapy water and rinse thoroghly


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