Groom Away Colour Enhancing Shampoo - 400ml

Groom Away Colour Enhancing Shampoo - 400ml

Enhances natural colour on Bays, Chestnuts and Palominos.  400ml

This deep cleansing shampoo brings out the richness of colour and leaves a polished shine on the coat.

The deep cleansing and conditioning formula with Tea Tree oil does not strip natural oils and is kind to your horse's skin, leaving their coat soft and shiny.

Contains a natural fly repellent.


Groom Away is one of the fastest growing providers of equestrian products for the show ring, natural health care and first aid. They ensure that every product is made from 100% natural resources which produce highly effective formulas, which are biodegradable and approved by HSE and DEFRA. They aim to use their specially developed range of quality grooming products to provide you with the ultimate show ring look whilst significantly reducing grooming time. The products will enhance colour, remove stains and offer year round wound protection. 


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