Gold Label Timothy Fodder Brick

Gold Label Timothy Fodder Brick

The Gold Label Timothy Fodder Brics can be fed to rabbits as well as horses, to provide a good source of fibre to use alongside hay or haylage. The unmolassed timothy is compressed and a 1kg block is equivalent to half a section of good quality hay, making them ideal to use in conjunction to hay or haylage to provide a fun alternative to a haynet and extend chewing time.

They are free from additives and straw, made using only good quality timothy grass for a convenient source of fibre, which is ideal for travelling or in the stable to offer further entertainment. Horses and rabbits enjoy gnawing and chewing at the timothy blocks, giving them further pleasure, making their feed last longer and your hay go further.

The Timothy Fodder Brics are ideal for good doers or ponies who do not require too many additional calories but would benefit from the high fibre and interesting source of forage.


    Small holed


    A great addtion to your yard to add a splash of colour and personalise your stable


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